Memories hurt

I remember how painful it was when we ended, and I had to watch you hold someone else’s hand. I remember how painful it was for me to see your world come back together as mine continued to fall apart. I remember celebrating my birthday without you and realizing you had begun your journey with her on my special day. Hearing you tell me that I didn’t matter to you, and that you were moving on is when I felt heartache its when I heard everything shatter and my world just crumbled beneath my feet. No matter what you did or said to me I was always there because my love for you was so unconditional. You waltzed her around in front of me and I did nothing but try to put it out of my head but I was wrecked, and I constantly felt the air getting sucked right out of my lungs and no matter how hard I tried to breathe I couldn’t do it. I still think about those times even though I probably shouldn’t but I can’t help myself because, boy do the memories hurt. 


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