Sweater Weather

Nostalgia, a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past. Though I do not long for the past because towards the end of it all you felt like an itchy Christmas sweater. You were supposed to bring me happiness and nothing but that but instead I felt a sense of uncomfortability. I wanted the sweater off, I wanted you gone. I needed a hoodie and some sweat pants that were comfy and baggy but tight at the right places.

I do reminisce about the good times and sometimes I’ll hear something that’ll take me right back to a moment that brought me sheer and utter happiness but then I remember that it now brings me sorrow and pain because I outgrew the sweater. I took it off, and never wore it again.

Seeing an old picture will drive me insane because we had so many good days, but an equal amount of bad ones. And then I remember that I gave the itchy sweater away.

Peace, a sense of quietness and tranquility. A feeling that I love, that I not feel ever since I got rid of my itchy Christmas sweater.