Perfect Timing

I felt like I was drowning in an abyss, and like my whole world was just colliding one aspect of it at a time. Suddenly I saw this amazing light that came int0 my life and I wasn’t sad anymore, my life felt fun and carefree once again. For the months while I was away at school I never really felt like myself, instead I felt like an entirely different person and I didn’t enjoy it. Back at school there was so much drama that was following me around and I just didn’t want to have to deal with it but I had to. But then, I came home and I met him. He wasn’t the kind of guy that I would typically go for. When I say this about him I say it in the nicest and most caring way possible, he just seemed to have a lot more depth then every guy I had encountered. My life was becoming such a shit-show so this was perfect for me, he was going to be good for me. I was finally right about something, I finally made a smart decision. I wanted him from the moment I saw him, and I tend to get what I want. The day, the time, and the way that I met him was all just to perfect and too good to be true, I knew that something had to be wrong with this man because I don’t just hit it off with guys immediately. I am the kind of girl that enjoys to tease a guy and mess around with him, but something about him was different and I noticed it instantaneously. He dished me the sass I gave him right back, and no one ever did that to me, he wasn’t needy, we both want each other and enjoy each other’s company but we don’t need each other. He and I could stop talking tomorrow and we would go on with our lives perfectly fine. He isn’t my better half because I am my own person but I do feel happier and better when he’s around. I crave his touch and I crave his lips and I am afraid, afraid that he’ll make me feel like I’m once again falling into an abyss. For now, I’m going to roll with the punches and enjoy whatever comes out of this, because I know for a fact that this man came in just in time.


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