This shit wasn’t supposed to happen, I was not supposed to start talking to some guy that I just met. Let alone spend so much time with him. I wake up in the middle of the night having the same nightmares that I’ve been having for a couple of months now and instead of waking up to his protective arms around me I wake up to an empty bed. I can’t help but feel so damn lost and alone whenever I wake up, it’s not that I need him because I know damn well that I don’t need anyone, but I just feel so much better when he is around. I haven’t had to stay awake until 6 am when I’m around him because just feeling his warm body makes me feel safe. It makes me forget everything I’ve gone through these past couple of months. I am my own independent person and I know that but I just feel like a smarter and much better version of myself when he is around me. I know that I’ve only known him for like a week but I feel so damn comfortable it’s actually kind of scary. I know that this probably isn’t going to last and that he isn’t going to stick around but a girl can dream.


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