Christmas Party

I wish I could describe it in words. I wish I could explain how comfortable and utterly bliss I was, but I can’t. I am at peace not only with myself but with what happened between me and him. From a distance he seemed douchey, he seemed arrogant and annoying. From close up he was gorgeous, sweet and witty. I felt like I could be myself and I didn’t have to sugarcoat anything I said because he could handle the truth. There are rare occasions where I feel as if I can just dish out my sassiness to anyone, and this was one of those. From when we started talking and “clicking“(in his words) I knew that this was going to be one for the books, I knew this would be one I’d never forget. I wanted to know everything about him, I wanted to feel his hands on my bare skin. I needed to know what his lips tasted like and I was scared that it would be addicted, hooked just like that.


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