Sometimes life gives you a little taste of the greater things in life, like an expensive meal, or some fine wine. The real beauty though, is when you find that connection with someone, and you can wholeheartedly say that they make you happy. Whoever this person in your life is, helps you forget about your daily problems and helps you value the simple things in life. Sure fancy dining is always fun, but it’s dull if you’re not spending it with someone who can make you laugh. I mean really laugh, like the kind of laughter that makes you cry and think about when was the last time you laughed so hard. Life is full of so many sad and disappointing moments but sometimes within all of that, there’s a tiny spec of hope. When you hold and get held by someone you care about it’s indescribable. Kissing the lips of the one that makes you happy, now that’s amazingly exquisite. 


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