Happy, Love, Memories, Reminiscing


It’s crazy how such amazing memories can be brought back by a gesture, or even a simple fragrance. Feeling like you’re a kid again, when we’re so close to adulthood. Always yearning for that feeling we once felt when we were children. Wishing we had more time to spend with the ones we hold dearest to our hearts. Realizing that we’ve spent most of our teenage years wanting to be where we are now, and now that we have it we want to take it all back. The way a song can take you back to a specific moment is such a beautifully powerful thing because it’s like being transported through time with the simple ‘play’ of a song. The way spending alone time with someone who means the world to you even for a little while can take you back to your childhood; to the days when things were easier. Before everything became so damn complicated, when all you had to worry about was coming inside before it got dark. Thinking back on memories can be so extraordinarily gorgeous or traumatically painful, depends on what the person is thinking about. But I believe that the little things that bring you joy should be savored, before the moment vanishes right before your eyes. Spend time with the person who you hold dear, kiss the boy who makes you smile, listen to the song that reminds you of your first dance, play video games until the sun comes up. Do whatever it takes, to be happy.