Mine For The Taking


You always hear people in movies say to the protagonist something along the lines of “This is your moment” or “It’s your time to shine.” In real life no one ever really says that to you, but somehow you know when it’s your time. It’s a feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, it’s your gut, brain and heart yelling “GO FOR IT” in perfect sync. Whether that moment is finally talking to the cute guy from the gym or bettering your position at work, these moments are rare and hard to miss. When I was at my graduation and they called my name I knew that it was literally my time to shine because those lights were nearly blinding, but aside from that I knew that after this moment the world was mine. I could do anything I wanted to do, I knew that I was going to be able to go out into the world and conquer one piece at a time. I felt invincible, and sometimes you don’t need someone else to tell you it’s your time to shine, I know I didn’t. At that point I knew that the world and everything it had to offer was mine for the taking.


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